COVID 19 Phase Tracking

We are working with our contacts at the District court houses.  At this time the courts are still closed. The courts will be reopening in phases over the next few months.  Attached is the full order from the Maryland Court of Appeals. Below is our basic breakdown of that order.

Phase 1: (March 16th - June 5th)

A. Courts only handling criminal issues - We do not meet standard to file anything

Phase 2: (June 6th - July 19th)

Emergency orders only

A  Emergency Wrongful detainer (only applies when you do not know who is in the house-ie squatters)

B. Emergency breach of lease - (involving threats or injury to people or property).

Phase 3: (July 20th - August 30th)

A.  Rent Escrow Cases

B.  Tenant Holding Over Actions - (we will submit new Holding actions)

C.   Warrant of Restitution - (we will petition for cases that have already received judgment)

Phase 4: (August 31st - October 4th)

A. Completely opens with a limited number of dockets per courtroom per day.

(We can file for the new cases during this month)

We are waiting to see how the Federal CARES act will affect the evictions, meaning will the Maryland courts be allowed  to proceed with evictions with Federal backed mortgages.

We are also waiting to hear when the Sheriff departments will be able to resume scheduling evictions for cases that have already been ruled on.

Attached is a copy of the order we just received.

Once the court open they are requiring every owner to fill out the Declaration of Compliance with the Coronarus Aid

After Saturday, July 25, 2020 the courts will begin to process warrants of restitution for failure to pay rent cases that were pending or already authorized prior to March 16th closure of the courts due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Copy of the Order from Appeal Court

New Form required with each FTP case: Declaration of compliance with COVID-19 relief