About Our Company

We are landlords too..

MarylandEvictionsOnline.com knows it isn’t easy for a Landlord to go through the eviction process. That is why we provide Landlords help and advice when it comes to dealing with the Maryland eviction notice process. It is often the last resort to evict a tenant because of how time consuming and stressful the process can be. Maryland Evictions Online.com knows it is important that you feel confident with the company that is providing the eviction services. This is why we provide fast evictions and keep you informed as much as possible throughout the process. Trust a company that will take care of the entire problem.

We are landlords too, and understand the difficulties, stress and frustration the eviction process brings to you. We try to make our service as simple to understand, even though we know there are a lot of questions in the process. It’s confusing, you’re angry, you’re losing money, and the whole thing is totally out of your control. We have been in your shoes and as such will be your partners in resolving your problem tenant issues.

Our Capabilities

MarylandEvictionsOnline.com (MEO) is fast, professional and thorough when performing evictions for landlords of both residential and commercial properties in the select counties in the state of Maryland.

The average uncontested eviction handled by MEO results in a vacant property 21 days after the service of a summons.

MEO believes it is important for their clients to understand the eviction process and helps to educate them. Take a look at the eviction handbook to better understand the Maryland eviction process.

Striving to maintain a smooth eviction process, MEO keeps the entire process neat and clean to avoid errors that lead to the dismissal of your case. At any time, you may inquire about the status of your case so you stay informed and confident the entire time.