Court Appearance

Court Appearance

We can attend your hearing, if you can not.

Fee Factor #1

Case Type: ($0.00 - $385.00)

  • Failure to Pay  - $0.00 
  • Tenant Holding Over - $600.00 
  • Wrongful Detainer - $800.00 
  • Beach of Lease - $700.00 
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Fee Factor #2

Single Case ($0.00 - $100.00)

  • We are able to keep our fees down due to having multiple cases per hearings we  attend.  Based on your Court Location & time if we are already scheduled to attend that day we will offer a $100.00 discount
  • No other Cases that date - $100.00 surcharge
  • We have scheduled hearings that day - $0.00
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Fee Factor Step #3

Location: ($195.00 - $385.00)

  • Our Agents & Attorneys are headquartered in Prince Georges County & Baltimore City.  Depending on where your hearing will be held the price will vary.
  • We break the courts up into Zones.  See chart below
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Fee Factor #4

Rush Order

  • There is a Rush Fees if we are notified less then 48/hour
  • At least 48/hour notice - $0.00
  • Less then 48/hour notice - $100.00
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Fee Zone Counties
$185.00Zone (*)Prince George's,
Baltimore City,
Anne Arundel
$285.00Zone 2 (**)Montgomery County,
Baltimore County,
$385.00Zone 3 (***)St,Mary's,
Calvert, Cecil,
Frederick, Carroll,

Example of Charges for Court Appearance

Client is requesting for a Court Appearance for a Failure to Pay case in Montgomery County, for next week.  The Client has already filed for the case, has a case number, date & time of the hearing.   The Client has a conflict with his/her schedule and can not make the hearing.  The Client would contact us to place the order and below are the charges.
Fee Factor #1 Case Type:  Failure to Pay:  0.00 surcharge
Fee Factor #2 Single Case:  No other hearings that date: $100.00
Fee Factor #3 Location:  Montgomery County is Zone 2: $285.00
Fee Factor #4 Rush Order: Order was placed a week before hearing No Rush: $0.00

Total:  $385.00

More Information Court Appearance Fees

Maryland Evictions Online has the right to canceling a Court Appearance order and refund funds to the owner if any of the following are found:

  • Paper paperwork was not filed properly
  • Missing documents
  • Conflicts with our schedule