Evictions Fees

Eviction Fees

A $195 non-refundable deposit is required 1/week before the eviction to schedule the eviction. The balance will be due 48/hours before the eviction.

Arranging the eviction time with the sheriff department
Meeting the sheriff at the property and displaying the property documents
The labor to remove the items from the house (where applicable).

Table is an estimate of the crew members needed for the eviction.  The Sheriff has the final say for the number of movers needed.  The number will also vary per county.

Eviction Surcharge Fee

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Surcharge Fee Zone Counties
0.00Zone 1 (*)Prince George's Baltimore City Anne Arundel
$100.00Zone 2 (**)Montgomery County, Baltimore County, Carlvert, Charles, Howard
175.00Zone 3 (***)St Mary's, Cecil, Frederick, Carroll, Harford

All our crews are coming from Prince George's County or Baltimore City

Bedrooms Number of Movers
1-2 Apt/ Condo10
3 Apt/ Condo15
3-4 TH/ SFH20
5+ TH/SFHCall

Other Items Needed for the eviction for Non Baltimore City evictions

Description Fees
Stand-In/Admin (Non Baltimore City)$135.00
Movers - (Fixed cost per mover)$70.00
Locksmith (Non-Baltimore City)$170.00
Locksmith (Baltimore City only)$225.00
Drill off$90.00
Install New Lock - (Per Knob)$50.00/Per knob
Install Owner Supply Locks$25.00/Per knob
Trash Bags$35.00/box
Truck (if needed)$200.00
(1) Large Mover Box$6.00/each
Photos & Summary Report of Property$100.00
Rush Order (less 24/hour notice)$195.00
Junk Removal : Call for QuoteQuote required

Don't' be fooled by other Eviction Services or Moving Companies that do not disclose  their prices or have Hidden charges after the evictions.  At Maryland Evictions Online our prices are posted ahead of time to allow our owners to be able to calculate the full cost of the eviction. 

We follow all State rules when executing evictions. 

Baltimore City Only – Evictions Charges are:

Description Fees
Stand-In (Baltimore City only)$155.00
Movers - (movers are not needed in Baltimore)n/c
Install New Lock (Per Knob)$50.00
Drill off$90.00

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